new moon is a hole

thresholds to the subterranean

The other night I had a dream that I got this gruesome bloody nose, only it wasn’t blood, it was dark green liquid, bog water or some chlorophyll-charged green juice. I was at work, back at a job I actually used to really dislike, and the bloody nose set me free from the professional performance I was enacting. I like this idea, our subterranean selves intervening in life and making a scene.

Human mythology understands all sorts of forces to exist under the surface of the earth. The dead, our own shadows, and earthly spirits are all often understood to exist in the subterranean, alongside snakes, ants, and other creatures we find creepy. The rules of the above ground world do not apply beneath the surface.

I’ve been wondering how the subterranean realm out of our control can actually guide us in the work of decomposing harmful structures and oppressive systems. 

As we approach the time of year when we may have closer access to the supernatural—and we simultaneously careen towards a likely cataclysmic election—what do our personal and collective shadows have to tell us that can help with a bit of navigation towards a more livable world? And how do we balance the drives of the subterranean in our above ground lives?

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